Linear light Application
YD double protection LED Linear lights achieve IP68 highest protection grade.
The Aluminum led linear light has excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and good weather resistance.
The light emitted is uniform, with a wide beam angle, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
It is easy to install and supports customization of various lengths.
Architectural Skyline Lighting
Install the line light on the top contour line of the high-rise building, the whole structure of the top of the building complex outlined in pieces, so that the city night sky to the people in the city a unique impression.
building outline
A lighting technique that illuminates the overall outline of a building with line lights.
LED Linear screen
The use of line lamps to form a modular display unit, and then formed a high density, high brightness, high transmittance of a grille type display form.
Linear light Application
Park handrail railing lighting
The use of line light luminous angle, small size, simple structure, easy to hide and other characteristics, usually hidden in the railing handrails installed underneath, light up the guardrail as well as sidewalks and other ways of installing lights.
Notch lighting for steps, flower beds