Flood light Application
YD double protection LED flood lights achieve IP68 highest protection grade.
LED floodlight solution provides an efficient and versatile lighting solution for various applications. With high-intensity illumination, it is designed to deliver powerful and focused light over a wide area. The LED floodlights are equipped with advanced optics and adjustable beam angles, allowing for precise light distribution and optimal coverage.
Building Column Lighting
A form of lighting in which a floodlight is installed on the lower or upper part of a separate column at the top or bottom of a building, and the structure of the column is emphasized by directional lighting.
Sculpture modeling surface casting light
The general use of directional lighting techniques, the use of light in the form of a special part of the sculpture to light up, or the use of a large angle Power high light in the form of the sculpture as a whole to light up a lighting method.
Ancient building corrugated cast light
Generally is the use of small angle small volume or structure similar to a corrugated floodlight, the eaves of ancient buildings corrugated linear projection of a lighting technique, the eaves of the ancient architecture of the shape of the projected ligh