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Double Protection Φ40 LED Point Light Source

Other Specifications

Applicable Occasions

◎ Draw the contour of buildings, viaducts and bridges
◎ Display for glass ground square
◎ Decorative lighting for city square ground
◎ Ferris wheel lighting
◎ River way landscape lighting
◎ Outdoor advertising display, building display
◎ Logos, signs and Channel Letters
◎ Historic building decorative lighting
◎ Decorative lighting for building top
◎ Draw the contour for letters, graphic
◎ Sculpture lighting

Product Application Case

Product Analysis

   With the application of YD Double Protection encapsultion technology, it reaches Protect Grade IP68 and Fireproof Grade V-0. It can be working well underwater 20m, and it can be self-extinguish after being deviated from fire. It is flexible and easy for installation of this light.

   It can be directly showed as single color (Normally on), also controlled by offline machine (with SD card) to show RGB color, or with computer to perform on-line real-timely transfer images, text, video and other signals.

Product Parameters

  • Product Model:YD-DGC-40
  • Production Process:2ND Sealed Encapsulation
  • The Shell Weather Resistance:10years
  • Product Size:Φ40.5*14.1
  • Electrical Grade:III Class
  • The Rated Voltage:12V
  • Light Angle:120°-180°
  • Protection Grade:IP68
  • Rated Power:0.36W/0.48W/0.72W
  • Working Temperature:-20℃-55℃
  • Flame Retardant Grade:V-0
  • The Product Weight:±28g/pc
  • Light Life:50000hrs
  • UV Resistance Level:Level 4
  • The Control Mode:Normally on, Serial control

Product Size Chart

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