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BTG-50 LED Ultra Bright Wall Washer (Aluminum outer shell)

Other Specifications

Applicable Occasions

◎Wall washer for building and bridge

◎Park, plaza steps lighting

◎Airport, subway, overpass, landmark lighting

◎Inner wall washer of building

◎Individual building, architecture group lighting

◎River way, bridge guardrail lighting

◎Swimming, pool, fountain

Product Application Case

Product Analysis

      This LED wall washer uses three rows of LED lights structure design, and the outer shell uses barrier structure to anti dazzle; The brightness of wall washer is even; The lighting height is significantly improved. It can be controlled by offline machine (with SD card) to show RGB color animation lighting effect.

Product Parameters

  • Product Model:YD-BTG-50
  • Production Process:2ND Sealed Encapsulation
  • The Shell Weather Resistance:10years
  • Product Size:1000*56.8*71.1
  • Electrical Grade:III Class
  • The Rated Voltage:24V
  • Light Angle:30°、180°
  • Protection Grade:IP68
  • Rated Power:24W
  • Working Temperature:-20℃-55℃
  • Flame Retardant Grade:V-0
  • The Product Weight:±1706g/set
  • Light Life:50000hrs
  • UV Resistance Level:Level 4
  • The Control Mode:Normally on, Serial control

Product Size Chart

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